About Roost

Roost Team (July 8, 2014) In November 2013, Jon Gillon helped ease his brother’s anxiety surrounding his relocation from Austin to San Francisco. Jon’s brother was extremely frustrated by the inconvenient and super-expensive self-storage options available, so Jon offered to make some temporary space for his brother’s stuff in his apartment storage closet. The benefits to this solution were so clear that Jon had an immediate ‘light bulb’ moment and Roost was born.

Today, Roost is a peer-to-peer storage solution, enabling neighbors to rent out unused space to earn extra income, while offering renters with safe and secure low-cost storage and parking options. Roost’s mission is to positively impact your wallet, environment, and community.

Roost’s office is located in the heart of the Financial District in San Francisco, California and is growing fast! Drop us a line if you’re interested in joining our team of awesomely talented peeps or if you’d like to learn more!